We do have free will

Blakelee Sutton, Featured News Editor

March 6, 2020

For a very long time, humanity has questioned the course of events that occur around all of us. Whether it be a result of the forces of the universe or the will of a divine deity, many ideas have been proposed to explain the occurrences...

Conceal and carry is a bad idea

Alex Kitchell, Marketing Coordinator

December 5, 2019

Conceal and carry is the process of having a gun on your body in a discreet manner allowing it to go unnoticed. In Missouri, a legal gun owner over the age of 19 can choose to conceal or open carry with or without permits as...

Conceal and carry is a necessity

Tristyn Smith, Website Editor

December 5, 2019

In Missouri, anyone who is 19 years of age or older is allowed to carry a concealed firearm. This is an absolute necessity to ensure the safety of the general population. With the recent influx of mass shootings in America, it...

Head to Head

Blakelee Sutton, Editor-in-Chief

April 17, 2019

The classroom environment is one that is very special. It’s a place that is designed for young minds to learn about important traits, skills and lessons that are going to help them for the rest of their lives. It’s important...

Head to Head

Lesley Altheuser, Staff Reporter

April 17, 2019

I think phones should be banned in school. Students should be required to turn them completely off or check them into the office before school and get them after the school day ends. Phones distract students from learning and...

Head to head: pros to the seven block schedule

Betsy Toft

March 20, 2019

Next year we are in for yet another change; from block scheduling to a 7 period day. I was in the district when the high school went from a 6 period day to block scheduling. Most of the complaints were the same. The current bloc...

Head to head: Cons to the seven block schedule

Taylor Baker

March 20, 2019

The seven block schedule change is one that has been a hot topic among students recently. Many thought-provoking conversations are taking place between students and teachers who will be negatively impacted by this change. &n...

Head to Head: Should you date in high school? No, why would you risk a broken heart?

Rylie Bohanan, Section Editor

February 15, 2019

Everyone longs to have a relationship in high school. It’s what most teen movies are about; a high school girl and the boy of her dreams falling in love and everything wrong in life is suddenly fixed. But the reality is that ...

Head to Head: Should you date in high school? Yes, it’s totally worth it!

Blakelee Sutton, Co-Editor-In-Chief

February 15, 2019

Ah, love. It’s a tricky business to get into, especially in high school. It can introduce a multitude of things into a person’s life and may even overwhelm them at points. Even still, dating in high school introduces so many positive th...

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