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Yessnia Austin-Dixon
Hello, I’m Yessnia Austin-Dixon. I'm a junior, I'm on JC Riot, concert choir and, I'm Step captain for JC Step Team. I decided to be in so many school activities because I wanted to get my full high school experience. Some of my hobbies are Dancing, singing, drawing, and writing. After high school I plan on going to college and becoming a professional singer and dancer, but I also want to create my own performing arts academy for all ages.My academy will be for people who can't afford lessons for anything that has to do with the arts and performing arts. For example, I want to make classes for drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, photography, modeling, etc. I believe talent is everywhere and it has no age limit. Not everyone has has the money to take lessons on perfecting their craft and I don't want all of that talent to go to waste.

Yessnia Austin-Dixon, Junior Editor for Arts & Entertainment

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