Rani Patel
I’m Rani, but you can call me R-Dawg. I decided to join the Red & Black because Betty and Jughead write for the Blue and Gold and I aspire to be them. If I’m not watching The Office or David Dobrik you can find me causing a racquet (haha because I play tennis… get it?) or attempting to bake and failing miserably. I plan on going into the medical field solely based on Greys Anatomy (just kidding...kind of).

I talk more than any person should be allowed to, and never run out of energy. The only problem is, I start talking really fast and then no one can understand me. This is why I love writing...ahhh the backspace button… my savior.

Rani Patel, Freelancer

Dec 17, 2018
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Oct 29, 2018
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