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Lesley Altheuser
Hi, my name’s Lesley. Some of my friends know me as Ms. Rainbow-Girl, Ms. Debate, Ms.

Technical and Ms. Logic. I love making a point in order to teach someone a lesson if I feel it’s necessary.

I joined Red & Black because I like art, editing photos and I like writing. I feel that my art, photo magic and detailed writing will help make the newspaper better.

I can play an instrument called a dulcimer, sometimes I play a recorder and I create music

videos on WeVideo. I just love creating songs, poems and music to represent my feeling.

I’m a country girl. I have tiny, rare chickens and a huge rabbit. My chickens are the size of a backyard dove, while my rabbit is the size of a small wiener dog. I’m dog-sitting my aunt’s dog, Emmy. It's basically my temporary pet.

I'm also very good at getting creative. I can make amazing artwork. I can use a computer or make art by hand. I also made a canopy or a tent like a bed in my room. I can draw and sew. I made my own purple backpacks, folders, headbands and other clothes.

Lesley Altheuser, Staff Reporter

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