Ice Cream Factory review

Ice Cream Factory review

Ice Cream Factory is new to the Jefferson City area but it definitely opened with a bang. Located on the corner of Dunklin and Madison St, this establishment has become a great addition to our city. For weeks their lines have been to the door. 

Many have feared that this could potentially send Central Dairy out of business, though it seems that this couldn’t be less true. Both businesses have seen countless patrons coming in their doors.

Ice Cream Factory is an establishment across Missouri starting from Eldon. Its advertising has been all over social media and even making appearances at state wide events. All this hype was definitely worth the wait.

As someone with a bias to mint, this company captures the taste completely without dampening it with the chocolate pieces of a classic chocolate chip mint ice cream. Other classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla are still a special experience when visiting the Ice Cream Factory in Jefferson City.

Something that grabs the eye when you walk in is the ambiance. Everything from their neon sign that says “Ice cream makes you happy” to the giant gumball machine, gives the shop a fun and exciting feel. The small things like color changing spoons also bring a fun little surprise to the service of this establishment.

All in all, the Ice Cream Factory is an exciting new way to enjoy ice cream in the Jefferson City area.