The Way Back review


“The Way Back” is a sports-drama film directed by Gavin O’Connor. Sporting an intensely real performance from Ben Affleck and an emotionally involved storyline, the film manages to come together to make an enjoyable experience.

The first thing to note in all of this is Ben Affleck’s performance as the protagonist. His performance was clearly inspired by his own real-life experiences and it shows through his delivery. This is possibly his best work yet and he’s the best part of the film.

The movie’s script is a well put together story with convincing narratives. The majority of its characters have sufficient depth and are compelling. Events that occurred in the past are smartly hidden until the film requires that they are brought up, and it’s done without insulting the audience’s intelligence.

The only problems that arise in the film lie within the pacing and juggling of different plot lines. The film focuses on the personal struggles of Ben Affleck’s character while also showcasing the basketball-centered sport’s plot. Although both are compelling to watch, the film sometimes has trouble combining the stories to make transitions between them more smooth.

“The Way Back” is an emotionally resonant movie with a stellar performance from its lead. Although it stumbles slightly in the script department, it overcomes any weakness to be a pretty good experience.