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Jefferson City, as the capital of Missouri, should be a great city, right? To assume that would be wrong.

According to World Atlas, Jefferson City is the ninth least populated state capital in the US. However, most of that population is state workers and their families. Adults find this city to be a good place to live and have a steady job. With adults living and working here, that means teenagers live here too. However, teenagers looking for fun after school are better off staying home.

There are about three things for teenagers to do in town: hang out at the mall, go skating or see a movie. But those three things are somewhat difficult to do. The mall isn’t open very late, the only skating rink in town is only open five days a week for a short time and movies can be expensive for teenagers.

The city’s parks freshen up the neighborhoods. With so many parks in the city, there are countless outside activities available.

As a whole, Jefferson City is a great place for adults looking for a decent job. But with close to nothing to do in this town it is genuinely a horrible place to do anything other than go to school and work fast food for teenagers. As a teen you better be willing to join a ton of clubs otherwise you’ll have nothing to do.