Not Just for Girls: Boys volleyball

This school year has been one of change in sports. At the beginning of the year, it was announced that there would be a girl’s wrestling team. It was also announced that Lady Jays assistant coach, Megan Distler decided that she wanted to start the process of training boys in volleyball.
“The idea to start up boy’s volleyball came to me as the girl’s volleyball season went along this year. I was able to connect to some students who loved supporting our girl’s team this fall but often wished there was an opportunity for them to play, too, which got me thinking about how we could provide something for them,” Distler stated.
One of these students is senior Jonathan Scott. He has been a big volleyball fan for years and really enjoys playing.
“I love playing volleyball because all of my friends are on the varsity team, and I was happy that we created a team for the boys. My favorite part about it is the connections I get to make with the lower classmen and also I get to get better and improve my volleyball skills.”
Twice a week, a group of boys, grades freshman through seniors, come to play and learn more about the sport of volleyball. Although it is still early, Distler has seen a lot of improvement from the boys.
“We’ve had a solid group of boys come out to each one, along with many others who show up anytime they can. Plus, we are always getting new guys who want to come and check it out; new guys are always welcome! The boys have improved a lot and seem to be having fun.” Distler said.
Boys volleyball is not technically a MSHSAA sport, but Distler is hoping that in the next five years it will be.
“Boy’s volleyball is really taking off around Missouri, and around the country, so hopefully we will get to continue growing here!” Distler says.
At the moment, Distler is working on scheduling a Red and Black scrimmage so that the boys can show off what they have learned. There is even a possibility of playing surrounding schools like Rock Bridge.
If you are interested in joining, email Megan Distler, or even find one of the varsity volleyball girls and ask them for information.