Democratic Primary Update

The Democratic primaries are hotly contested. Many candidates are working hard for the nomination, but only one will receive the nomination at the Democratic National Convention to go on and face the incumbent: President Donald Trump.


Bernie Sanders

Currently leading in the total number of delegates awarded is Bernie Sanders. Sanders is very popular among younger people and is polling very highly overall. Sanders blew everyone away in the Nevada caucus with nearly 50% of the vote, winning the primary. Sanders has performed decently in the debates but struggles slightly due to being disconnected from the democratic party. Sanders is often criticized for being too liberal and many feel that this would be his downfall against President Trump.


Joe Biden

Joe Biden was leading in the national polls until recently. His position has slipped recently due to investigations in Ukraine. Biden has significant support from older democrats but suffers in the younger demographic. Biden is currently a favorite of the DNC and second-best in national polls.


Elizabeth Warren

Trailing behind Biden is Elizabeth Warren. She has also gained a significant following of younger people due to her views that are significantly more liberal than several of her competitors. She has gained much support from the American public due to her performances in the debates where she commands the attention of all who are on stage and in the audience. Many feel that Warren, like Sanders, is also far too liberal to be a viable contender against President Trump.


Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar is one of the many center-left candidates attempting to get the nomination. She has been a member of the US Senate since 2006. She does not have the same recognition as candidates like Sanders, Warren or Biden, but she still managed to garner six delegates in New Hampshire, coming in third.


Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg came into the election later than every other candidate. He has gotten much less support in the first primaries and caucuses. Despite this, he is polling third overall on a national level. His campaign strategy seems to be to target younger people through advertising on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. However, support seems to be dwindling after sexist comments made toward former female employees. These comments came back in the recent debate in Nevada where Warren brought them up and Bloomberg seemed to have no way to respond.