No-go in the Congo

Since August of 2018, the Congo has been terrorized by an Ebola outbreak that has taken the lives of over 3,000 people. Ebola is a virus spread purely through bodily fluids, and the probability of contracting it after coming into contact with these fluids is nearly 70% according to the World Health Organization.

In recent news from the Washington Post, the outbreak has started to decrease in the number of cases being diagnosed. From February 5th to the 11th, there were only 3 confirmed cases. 

The use of the vaccine and teaching of good sanitation habits has been a slow process. 

The outbreak is the 2nd largest Ebola outbreak in recorded history, but with the improvement of the vaccine, more and more are protected from the disease.

This is an outbreak so harrowing to the people it’s affecting that it is only just recently showing signs of relief.