Case of the missing ring

Last year construction tore apart the hill, that many students and faculty referred to as “band hill” at the front of the school. But no one knew this would be the site of a mystery that took until just this year to finally come to an end.

Brett Myers, the head band director of Jay Band, had been walking up the hill one day from the stadium when something caught his eye in the dirt. He dug it up and saw it was a class ring. The construction had brought the missing class ring to the surface. The ring had the graduation year 2006 and “Band” carved into the sides, as well as a red stone placed at the top.

He took it to Kenna Pridgin in hopes she could look up the name on the ring, Brent Foster. Pridgin went to her “trusty records and went to that grad year and found the guys name” as she said. The only issue was, they didn’t have any way to contact him.

Pridgin took to Facebook to find him and this venture was a success. The only issue now was that he wasn’t answering any messages she sent him. So she searched for any mutual friends she and Foster had. This is when Pridgin discovered that Danielle Madsen, a math teacher at Capital City High School, was friends with the owner of the missing ring. Pridgin emailed Madsen immediately.

“Funny you should ask, he’s one of the only people I keep in contact with from high school and I’m going to see him this weekend for my child’s first birthday party” Madsen responded. Pridgin asked if Madsen could contact him and tell him the situation. Madsen agreed and went to talk with Foster.

Madsen got back to Pridgin after talking to Foster and gave Pridgin his number to call. Pridgin called him, “You know, last night I asked my dad because I didn’t remember losing my class ring,” Foster responded, but his dad had remembered, recalling that he had had to buy a new ring. Pridgin ended up giving the ring to Madsen to give to him.

After making its way to Madsen, the missing ring was almost back in the hands of its owner. A short 12 hours after landing in Madsen’s hands, the envelope containing the missing ring was in Foster’s hands. As he opened the envelope Madsen saw Foster “was astonished at the condition of it after it had been buried in band hill for so many years” as she said. Foster was very excited to have the missing ring back.

With the ring back in its owners possession, the mystery that had been going on for over a year was solved.