Cancer Prevention Awareness Month

Cancer Prevention is something that is not addressed as much as it should. In this world, there are many preventable cancers that still plague society as we know it. February has been deemed National Cancer Prevention Month, this is a time to look at our lifestyles and find ways to protect ourselves from something that is completely preventable.

A common misconception of cancer is what can cause it. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), one out of two Americans does not know that obesity can cause cancer to form in the body. 

Carcinogens are substances that can cause preventable types of cancer. The biggest example brought up is the use of tobacco; it can cause not only lung and throat, but also in the mouth, kidney, bladder, stomach, pancreas and cervix. This carcinogen is not only potent to the users but the people who are around them as well. Even if a person is diagnosed with one of these cancers, it is still suggested that they should stop smoking in order to live an overall healthier life.

Vaccinations and screenings are a very important way to prevent cancers. Human papillomavirus(HPV) is a virus that has come to light in recent years as a virus that can greatly increase the chances of being diagnosed with cervical cancer. This is a risk in both men and women, HPV can even increase risks of anal and vaginal cancer according to the National Foundation for Cancer Research. 

Screenings of the body are another important way to make sure your body is not at risk of many cancers. Risks for breast and cervical cancers can be caught and prevented with routine checkups every three years starting at age 20. Colorectal cancer screenings or colonoscopies should be done every 10 years around the age of 50. If you have a direct relative with colon cancer it is recommended that you have your first routine appointment ten years younger than when the relative was diagnosed.

Every year 4 out of 10 cancer cases are from preventable and modifiable risk cancers according to an article from the American Cancer Society. Make your life a healthier one and avoid carcinogens.