The Skywalker Saga

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“The Rise of Skywalker” is the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise as well as the final addition to the Rey Trilogy. This movie trilogy was co-directed between JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson.
This trilogy is a good way to get new fans involved, however, the trilogy lacks the same feeling that the originals had. The fan base is split whether these movies are great or awful.
My thoughts are that they, from a cinematic perspective, are good movies. However, when it comes to me being a fan, these movies dropped the ball. It’s nice to see the return of several great characters to the big screen, but some things are best left alone.
While the other movies including Rogue One and Solo did well to add information to the standing story, these new movies didn’t add any new information.
This movie is mediocre at best. Mainly due to character issues and a sudden ending.
This first movie of this series, “The Force Awakens” was lacking in almost every aspect except cute animals.
“The Last Jedi” made an attempt at showing some of the lovable characters from older films, but it seemed like it was competing with the previous movie.
This was an obvious cash grab that had good moments hidden within.