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“1917”, the newest film directed by Sam Mendes, stars Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay as its main characters. Not only is the film an unforgettable and riveting experience, but it is blessed with cinematographer Roger Deakins’s mesmerizing camera work.
The film’s entire cast poured their hearts out in their performances. George MacKay gives a near one-man-show, and he truly translates what a soldier’s hellish experience would be like at the height of World War I.
“1917” uses a very unique style of film-making in order to fully immerse its audience in the experience. The entire movie is filmed to look as if it is one continuous shot. This stylistic choice lends itself to a film that travels at a break-neck pace. I felt both immensely satisfied and incredibly exhausted after watching the movie.
Roger Deakins has established himself as one of the best visionaries in the business, and “1917” is no exception. The lighting, camera work and color palette of the film is absolutely breathtaking. My jaw dropped to the ground as a result of a movie’s visual quality.
“1917” is the kind of new and inventive film that only comes about once every few years. It’s a memorable experience and I recommend it to anyone that loves movies that break the mold of what came before.