Award-winning debate team

The mission statement of the debate team states, “The Jay Debate Team is a group of ethical professionals focused on pursuing excellence through helping themselves and others in all their personal, academic, and debate endeavors.” The Jefferson City Debate Team rests its vision upon four major pillars: academic achievement, adequate preparation, high moral character and competitive team spirit. 

The team began with a small group of students. But throughout the years, they have become a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Missouri District. The team has won over 500 trophies and awards since its founding, including several first-place finishes at invitational tournaments. The head coach for the team is none other than the amazing Mr. Jordan Hart, who has been the coach for many years. 

The group consists of over 50 students, all varying in different grades and attitudes. The team has won many tournaments and brought home over 70 trophies just this year. There are many aspects of the debate team, with many different sections of debate events and speech events. Each member will have the ability to succeed. 

There are 13 events in total, with three debate events, four speech events and six interpretation events. Within the Jefferson City Debate Team, there is a hall of fame were many bright members of the team are recognized. Many of these people have already graduated and headed off to college. The hall of fame includes two people from 2019: Leticia Nketiah and Yolanda Martin. 

All debate members have a chance to receive a prestigious award from the National Speech & Debate Association, called the Academic All-American Award. The 2019 Academic All-American Award recipients include Graham Bond, Andrew Massen, EC Powers, Clara Scovill and David Tiethoff.