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“Cats” is terrible. Along with the terrible CGI that set the world on fire after the release of the first trailer in mid-2019, “Cats” has a plot that requires the viewer to work overtime to piece together what is going on. In a moment toward the end of the movie, multiple characters begin talking directly to the viewer in an attempt to emulate a scenario that is carried out multiple times in the musical, but creates a situation that ultimately falls flat and makes the viewer extremely uncomfortable.
The atrocious CGI in “Cats” is the first thing that anyone viewing the movie will notice. The CGI featured here is over a decade behind where it reasonably should be, with other movies like 2004’s “Garfield” looking much better than “Cats” when it comes to CGI cats.
All of this considered, the movie was very enjoyable. Enjoyment is born out of the sheer hilarity of how horribly put together the movie was. By going in expecting nothing, the viewer can be pleasantly surprised by the unintentional humor that “Cats” exhibits.
“Cats” is one of the worst movies in recent memory, having nothing but the “so bad it’s good” value going for it. The movie borders on incoherent and should have never been made. Despite everything previously mentioned, “Cats” is an absolute joy to watch.