Open House

On January 12, 2020, Jefferson City High School held an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony. Many people showed up for the event despite having to brave the snow and winter weather. A stage was set up inside. Streamers, balloons and banners were dotted around the foyer. Chairs were lined up in front of the stage for guests to sit. However, the guests greatly outnumbered the seats. 

Before Larry Linthicum spoke to the crowded room about the new changes and how they are improving the conditions and lives of students, the JC orchestra played several pieces. Linthicum cracked a few jokes while Jasper the Jay walked around handing balloons to small children. Larry then gave the stage to the choir who sang the Alma Mater and finally the band played the school fight song. 

The crowd was shown into the cafeteria where they were invited to go on a short tour of the renovated areas of the high school. The tour groups were offered refreshments, cookies and the ability to talk with some of our student council members. 

“The newly redesigned school is really nice. I really like the modern take but at the same time keeping the tradition of the school was not only clever but immaculate too. the new connector is so helpful for getting around and away from the crowd. and I’m so happy that all the hallways are open to keep the crowding down. Also, the new cafeteria is really nice and so much more comfortable than the fold-out tables we had last year. All in all the redesign is great!” stated Blake Halfen, a student at JCHS.  

The event lasted until around 2:00 pm, then people began to head out back into the snow. The overall perceptions of the renovations were great for students. The building feels welcoming and the new seating areas give the building a more college-like atmosphere.