The Red&Black’s Editorial: Never quiet on the western front

Over the years, the United States of America has become a military power that has gone unmatched by any military in existence. The U.S. has left a trail of needless wars and battles in its wake as it worked to attain this.
The United States has been known for going to war before working hard to create a diplomatic solution simply because it has the ability to do so. Even if America has no real place in the conflict at hand, we’ve always felt an irrational obligation to get involved.
Two major examples of this are the Vietnam Conflict and the Persian Gulf War.
In the Vietnam Conflict, America had a peacetime draft where they required those who had no desire to join the military to go overseas to the country of Vietnam and join a fight that America should have had nothing to do with. This was so evident that in Vietnam, the war was called the Resistance War Against America. This set the notion that this war served only to oppress the Vietnamese people.
The same sentiment can be shared with the Gulf War, where the U.S. fought the country of Iraq after they invaded Kuwait for its oil reserves. Due to Kuwait being a huge oil source for the U.S., the U.S. invaded Iran, purely for financial gain. This is a problem that continues to cause many casualties and must be put to a stop.
The United States has a tendency to jump into wars and retaliation, as shown with the events of earlier this year. The assassinations of leaders beloved by their countries seen as terrorists causes extreme tensions between countries. The people of Iran will see the US as terrorists.
Perspective is very important. To the families of those responsible for the attacks of 9/11, they believed that their family members were doing the right thing for their religion. However, to family members and citizens of those who lost their lives in the towers or on the planes, this was a blatant act of terrorism. It’s completely understandable for a nation to want to retaliate after such a horrendous event. That being said, a wide-spread, heightened state of shock and emotion can make people make irrational decisions without thinking about the consequences. Riding the collective desire for vengeance, America started the War on Terror.
To the men and women of Iran, launching missiles in retaliation for the assassination of Soleimani seems completely necessary. The quick process of launching headfirst into every situation puts us at risk of becoming the very thing we sought to destroy.