Capitalism causes chaos

When choosing between the lesser of two evils, nothing good can ever come as a result. The “lesser of two evils” argument is often used when comparing the systems of capitalism and communism. This argument is a fallacy that those who defend capitalism use when they run out of arguments.
Capitalism is a fundamentally broken system that allows a select few to rise to power and leave those who are less fortunate with little to nothing.
Capitalism is a system that not only encourages, but actively rewards the greedy actions of corporations. As a result of American capitalism and human greed, pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to increase the price of insulin to be so high that affordability is a major concern for many low-income people.
It is absolutely sickening that people continue to work two full-time jobs out of absolute necessity as those in power watch from their mansions. There is no world where this growing wealth gap is anything but morally reprehensible.
Capitalism places those with more money in power and makes sure that they stay there. This makes them less likely to change the system that has worked well for a select few, but so badly harmed the masses.
It is difficult to discuss the problems that capitalism poses without mentioning political campaigns. It is virtually impossible to run a political campaign for a national position without millions of dollars. This goes on to create a system that resembles an aristocracy.
This is a major issue because it continues to ensure that only the rich succeed and anyone who is not so fortunate fails. This makes those in power only work to push policies that sustain the oppressive status quo.
In ensuring that those that benefit from the system are in power, capitalism makes itself very hard to change.
It is obvious that reform cannot fix the problems with capitalism because America has tried many times through various government programs. These programs serve as bandages covering the third-degree burn that is capitalism.
When programs like Medicaid are resisted by about half of the population because it will cost them money, it is an obvious issue. The people cannot be left in charge of the general welfare of others, because history shows that as soon as they are given the chance, they will kick their fellow humans to the curb to grow themselves financially.
To put an end to capitalism must also not be a start to communism. Communism is a system that shares many problems with capitalism, namely the concentration of power and money being with an upper class (the bourgeoisie in capitalism and the members of the upper tier of government in communism).
A replacement system must work to combat human greed while also giving people enough freedom to not feel oppressed.
The primary issue with a replacement system is that capitalism is so deeply rooted in American history that its downfalls have been normalized. The “American Dream” is a capitalistic belief that happiness is derived from the painstaking work put in. This only works for the select few who make it to the top as they leave a trail of those who were not so fortunate in their wake.
Capitalism must come to an end in America. It serves only to hurt the people that it affects. This system works to ensure that a select few elites reach the top and everyone else stays stagnant, working to achieve an elite status that they can never reach because the system does not allow it. Capitalism encourages materialistic values that guide humanity away from issues that really matter. Capitalism is a system that ensures that those in power are the ones who have benefited from the system and possess the materialistic values found in most people living in a capitalistic society. This must stop.