Should the draft still exist?

America has a long running history with war, terror and violence. After nearly 250 years of achieving nationhood, our country has been involved in eleven major wars. In six out of those eleven, America utilized a compulsory draft in order to attain a force massive enough to combat the enemy at hand.
Not only do I think that a draft is a ridiculous and dangerously controversial idea, but I think that the absence of it greatly benefits the country and increases public morale.
Firstly, the return of the draft does not match up with the consensus of the American people on the matter. According to The National Interest’s studies, poll after poll shows that a draft remains consistently unpopular with not only the American public, but also with military veterans and their families. This research is important because it shows that any sort of effort to reinstate a draft would be met with a lot of resistance.
Understanding how and why a military draft came to be sheds a lot of light on why a draft is counter intuitive in the first place. It was created with a few things in mind: to secure manpower and unify the nation. It was manifested out of sheer military necessity and even with that, it was met with public disapproval going all the way back to the Civil War. If the will of the American people is not being reflected with proposed legislation, then our representatives are doing us a blatant disservice.
Those arguing in favor of a draft need to consider the fact that they’re advocating for a complete lack of democratic process in our government. A country founded on the idea of guaranteed individual freedom would prioritize the will of its people over the demands of its military.
Not only would the ban of a draft better represent public opinion, but it would also change the way our congress interacts with other countries. If our legislators had no draft to fall back on for military might, we would show more hesitance in conflict with other nations. Not only would this prevent any avoidable carnage, but it would save our country money that could be portioned away from the military into other worthwhile investments.
War is a part of human nature. We can do everything that we can to prevent mass conflict, but the possibility of such an occurrence is always present. That being said, the desire to have sufficient military might against others should never outweigh the will of the people that it represents. The only way that any sort of idea like a draft should be able to prevail is if the voting people decide that it is to be so.