Taking down stereotypes: Girls Wrestling Team


Michelle Grant

Girls practicing on technique for upcoming duels.

For the first time in Jefferson City High School history, there is a girl’s wrestling team. Before, if a girl wanted to wrestle, she had no choice but to join the boy’s team. Although Celeste Cashe paved the way for girl’s wrestling at JCHS, the addition of an official girl’s wrestling team created a better sense of equality and inclusion among the genders. 

A lot of girls on the team love the feeling of being able to compete in a typically all-male sport, like senior Madeline Showers. 

“It’s really fun because you get to get down and dirty…and be involved in a sport that doesn’t usually have girls,” Showers comments. 

Senior Abbe Zimmerman agrees as well that being a part of the wrestling team has been a great way to try something new.

“Being a part of something new and different and being able to say I’m on the wrestling team is my favorite part about wrestling,” Zimmerman states. 

Although the girls enjoy wrestling, for the most part, they face some challenges being the first-ever female wrestling team.

“Some people think it’s not a good thing… like older people sometimes aren’t comfortable with it,” Zimmerman remarks. 

“Sometimes we aren’t included as well (as the boy’s team) just because it’s our first year. But, it should get better over time as we get more girls in the program,” Showers adds. 

In addition to the slight exclusion felt by the girl’s team, since the team is still new, it is a challenge to get as many matches as the boy’s team. There aren’t as many girl’s teams as there are boy’s teams and it can be difficult to find girls to wrestle. 

“Usually we don’t know if we’re even wrestling, or who we’re wrestling until 30 minutes before the match which is hard because you aren’t sure if your head should be in the game,” Showers expresses.

However, despite these obstacles these girls have had to overcome, the girls that joined girl’s wrestling this year have truly made way for more gender inclusion in the athletic world. Girls to come will surely be grateful that the girls this year made the brave leap to try this new sport.