Many Americans choose to conceal and carry, but many feel that it creates a country that is far less safe. (Noah Holt)
Many Americans choose to conceal and carry, but many feel that it creates a country that is far less safe.

Noah Holt

Head to head: Conceal and carry

December 5, 2019

Conceal and carry is a system by which a person can carry a small firearm as long as it is out of sight. Many people have differing opinions on this topic. Some believe that there needs to be stricter permit requirements, but some feel that the program needs to be expanded to keep America safer. Below are two differing opinions on the subject

Conceal and carry is a bad idea

Conceal and carry is the process of having a gun on your body in a discreet manner allowing it to go unnoticed.

In Missouri, a legal gun owner over the age of 19 can choose to conceal or open carry with or without permits as of a law change in 2017. Missouri is one of 12 states that allow permitless carry. This means that no regulation is mandated on gun owners who choose to conceal their weapons.

Shop owners and government buildings have the choice to post “no carry” signs in their front window removing the permissions of patrons to carry in their buildings. This doesn’t limit permit carriers.

Conceal and carry has its faults. For one, the carrier may not appear 19 which can lead to confrontation if that weapon is seen by a police officer. Second, people often believe that having a gun makes them invincible, leading to confrontations. Finally, the carrier may be flashy with their “concealment”.

Police can stop people who they believe may be breaking the law even if they aren’t positive. They may stop anyone and ask for ID. If the person is of age they will be let go and no harm is done. However, if they are belligerent and refuse to comply with officers, the situation can escalate much quicker than anticipated.

Another important point is the misfire of weapons. If the carrier is not properly trained to holster and unholster their weapon they can easily fire it by gripping it incorrectly. The misfire could just graze them or do major damage. This could, in the worst cases, kill the carrier, frighten nearby civilians, hurt the carrier or hurt someone around them.

The final idea of people being flashy with concealment is simple. If a person has their gun in an abdomen conceal under their shirt is fine. However, the moment they flip their shirt up to reveal the weapon it’s no longer concealed carry.

While concealed carry is better than open carry it still has the potential to become a danger to the carrier and those around them.

Conceal and carry is a necessity

In Missouri, anyone who is 19 years of age or older is allowed to carry a concealed firearm. This is an absolute necessity to ensure the safety of the general population.
With the recent influx of mass shootings in America, it is now more important than ever to have people who are able to defend themselves against threats. The best way to do this is to conceal and carry.

Conceal and carry not only helps protect against major threats, like mass shootings, but also smaller threats that are far more common, like robbery and harassment. In these situations, a small, concealable firearm could help diffuse the situation and deter the criminal.
Many states need to expand their conceal and carry laws to allow more people to have access to small firearms. Along with this, it is important to teach people about conceal and carry and how they can arm themselves.

When many people are in public, they are constantly worried about the people around them and would heavily benefit from conceal and carry as a means to make them feel safer.

When people feel safer, they tend to act more rationally, therefore creating more safety.

If conceal and carry is made more available to the public in larger states, they are more likely to feel safe and act rationally, creating more livable metropolitan areas.
The thought that an individual might be carrying a firearm is likely enough to deter most potential criminals. If conceal and carry works to deter criminals, then it is exactly what America needs.

Conceal and carry also ensures that people do not lose their right to bear arms. In many situations, increased safety means a loss of freedom, but conceal and carry is truly the best of both worlds. Conceal and carry is the best possible way to keep America safe while also maintaining second amendment rights.
All of this considered, it is obvious that conceal and carry is a system that America needs to keep and expand. If America expands conceal and carry, it is sure to create a safer society.

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