Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

“Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King is something that definitely shouldn’t be missed. The story is the sequel to another cinematic masterpiece, “The Shining”. It follows the life of Danny Torrence and his life after the events at the Outlook Hotel. 

The beginning is a little hard to catch onto because of all the time and place changes. Even when it did explain what the antagonists are, it still led to confusion in the beginning as it moved from a five-year-old birthday party to waking up from a one night stand to turning a 15-year-old into some kind strange non-human creature. Eventually, it focuses on the main characters after a moment of exposition.

Pulling away from that one small nit-pick, the music score made the audience reminisce of “The Shining” by using some of the original pieces. The way it introduced the movie gave the audience chills and made sure they were ready for a wild ride of horror. 

Danny Torrence, played by Ewan McGregor, gave the audience an amazing journey of a man trying to hide his past. He learns after becoming sober that that is no longer an option. Through a message on his chalkboard, he meets Abra Stone (Kyliegh Curran), the other main protagonist in the movie. 

Together, they learn to really understand how their “Shines” affect them and the people in their lives. Doctor Sleep is an amazing sequel, even good enough to stand alone for those who have never seen “The Shining”.