Trump and the giant impeachment

Over the past week, President Donald Trump’s impeachment has gone underway with several testimonies and House of Representative hearings.
In response to the case, Trump has been outspoken with his criticism and objections. According to the New York Times, Trump spoke out against impeachment in a 53-minute phone interview with “Fox & Friends.”
He accused political counselor David Holmes of fabricating a phone call between the American ambassador to the European Union and Trump himself. Holmes told impeachment investigators that he overheard Trump ask the ambassador, Gordon D. Sondland, about Ukrainian investigations into his political rivals. This has served as a massive detail in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.
Trump responded, “I guarantee you that never took place.” He claimed that he barely knows Sondland, a rich hotelier who contributed $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee. In Sondland’s testimony, he confirmed Holmes’s own account of what happened.
On the “Fox & Friends” interview, Trump was given the opportunity to respond to the testimonies used to advance his impeachment and whether or not it will happen.
“I don’t expect it,” the president said, “I think it’s very hard for them to impeach you when they have absolutely nothing.”
Expecting the Democratic-led House to impeach Trump, some of his top aides and legal advisors met with Republican senators to create a plan of what to do.
Trump went on to say that he knows the identity of the anonymous whistle-blower whose claim prompted the impeachment inquiry. He rejected the statement, saying that the details in the complaint were “fake.”
The impeachment is expected to pass through the Democratic-led House of Representatives, but whether or not it with make it through the GOP-dominated Senate remains to be seen.