Looking for Alaska

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“Looking for Alaska” is a phenomenal interpretation of the novel of the same name. The series stays close to the plot of the book in many aspects but also is not afraid to take a few creative liberties.
After the first episode underachieved, following the book far too closely, the characters really came into their own from the second episode onwards.
The characters are the true star of the show. Every character is flawed. For example, Miles is selfish, The Colonel has anger issues and Takumi is overly closed off and untrusting. The flaws of these characters are what make them human.
“Looking for Alaska” achieves what so many other films and television shows only dream of, to create a coming-of-age story about high schoolers who act like high schoolers, not a mess of caricatures of what older generations think high schoolers are like.
The single greatest character in this show is Alaska. Every time the viewer thinks they know Alaska, she does something that makes them question everything they thought they knew about her. Even in the final moments of the show, Alaska leaves the viewer completely perplexed about her actions.
The problem with the show is the rushing done through the second half of the book, which only gets one of the eight episodes that were produced. Overall, “Looking for Alaska” is nothing short of amazing and it is well worth the watch.