Do you want FREE college money?

The Common Scholarship is very similar to the Common Application: one entry into several data banks.
The Common Scholarship is a single application for several different scholarships. This single application gets you into the running for up to 15 scholarships. Better yet, the application is free.
While not every student will win, they will not know unless they try.
The awarded money changes year-to-year depending on the amount of winners for the state and which scholarships were won. Typically, the amount ranges from 500 to 4,000 dollars.
Starting December 16, 2019, the Common Scholarship will be open to all high school seniors. The scholarship is awarded yearly to an applicant who has submitted before the deadline of January 17th at 8:00 am.
Students wishing to apply for the scholarship should have access to their Infinite Campus, Google Drive, basic resume information and the application that will be located on the Class of 2020 Google Classroom. If a senior doesn’t have access to this classroom, they should contact their counselor before the due date.
Classroom will have the full application and information packet posted on December 16th for students to begin filling out.
Students should have a short list of their top school choices. If the student has already been accepted, they should provide the name of the school. This is because scholarship sponsors are more likely to accept people that have a clear direction.
If any students have questions about the information needed for the packet and application they should contact their counselor by email.
The JC Counseling Department is invested in helping pave paths for students to move onto college or the workforce. Mrs. Clayton and Mrs. Welch, both counselors with Jefferson City High School, provided all of the information for this article.
“Follow the directions carefully. The resume has very definite instructions and applicants can be eliminated for not following them. Also, plan well in advance. Seniors should have no reason to not have their packets completed and turned in before the deadline. No late applications will be accepted,” stated Mrs. Clayton when asked about important notes for students who will be applying in December.
All seniors looking to attend college should apply for the Common Scholarship. While not every student will be awarded the prizes, it’s worth the chance.