Cancel Culture: Cancelled

Modern America faces an epidemic that threatens to stifle the political and creative growth of the people. This epidemic is cancel culture.
Cancel culture is the act of wiping out the entire voice of an individual after they do something that the public does not see fit. This attitude jeopardizes the careers of many and removes any chance for a “canceled” person to grow and be better in the public eye.
When society cancels someone, it traps them in a box and does not let them grow. Even if someone seeks out help and does everything in their power to be better, society continues to cast them out.
A real-life example of this would be James Charles, who the general population immediately jumped on after accusations of sexual misconduct. He lost an unprecedented number of subscribers in the weeks after.
All of this happened before Charles had a chance to respond. When he did, he came back with hard evidence against everything he had been accused of, clearing his name, but not in everyone’s minds. Once the initial shock factor passes, people stop paying attention and are left with only the initial untrue story.
Another example of this is YouTube star Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer.
In May of 2018, Knabenbauer and his then-wife, Heidi O’Ferrall, began the divorce process. Soon after, O’Ferrall began to accuse Knabenbauer of cheating and manipulative behavior.
This spiraled into a mass of accusations from even more people and the loss of nearly a quarter of Knabenbauer’s YouTube subscribers.
Knabenbauer later came out and refuted nearly every claim put against him, but the damage was already done. Knabenbauer’s decade-long career was in shambles and there was nothing he could do about it.
Modern society silences people accused of wrongdoing before they have a chance to defend themselves. This culture does not allow anyone to be anything other than whatever they have been accused of.
Even those who have probably done the things that they have been accused of, like James Gunn, who was fired from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 after a group of people found insensitive jokes posted on his Twitter account.
When society shuts people out, it tells them that they cannot grow. When someone is not allowed to grow, how can they be expected to change?
There is absolutely no way for someone to change something they have already done, so the only solution is to let them be better. Until this happens, people will continue to be attacked and never change.