The rise and fall of Kanye West


Kanye West has had one crazy decade and a half. From the release of one of the greatest albums of all time in “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” to meltdowns that destroyed his public image, Kanye has done it all.
Once a juggernaut in the music industry, Kanye has now been reduced to an easy target for people to joke about.
Much of this is because of how he has presented himself lately. Kanye has continuously said and done things that make it easier and easier to target him, but it wasn’t always this way.
In 2004, Kanye West dropped “The College Dropout.” This album would define his early career. This album was a major inspiration for many current rising stars like Witt Lowry, Jon Bellion and Kid Quill.
Over the next 5 years, Kanye continued to release solid albums until 2010, when he struck gold with the release of the album titled “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” This album is not only his best to date, but one of the greatest albums in history.
Following this, Kanye would release, “Yeezus,” his last solo album before he lost most of his public image. It was all downhill from here.
Kanye’s appearance in the public eye has drastically fallen off. He has begun to make ludicrous claims like saying that slavery was a choice. Another thing that severely hurt his reputation was his coming out in support of President Trump. Subsequently, many minority groups lost complete respect for him and with that, he lost a large portion of his fanbase.
Since this, Kanye became more self-absorbed and louder than ever. He became the poster child for celebrity culture and how it affects people.
Following his continued problems in the public eye, Kanye opened up about having bipolar disorder. This made a lot of sense to many people.
After accepting his mental disorder, Kanye started to mellow out and started to fade out of the public eye. He was under much less scrutiny, as people started to see that he was working to be a better person.
Earlier this year, Kanye announced his new project, titled “Yandhi.” This was set to be a huge return to form. From what leaked before the album was canceled, many thought it could be his best album yet.
After finishing the album, Kanye decided that the style of the album didn’t align with his values, so he scrapped the entire thing, opting to switch to a more religiously oriented album.
This sparked wildly different opinions from fans and critics alike. Many fans felt betrayed, but many others were extremely supportive of his new venture. They were happy that he found a way to continue producing music while also making himself happy.
This is a huge sign of change because he easily could have released “Yandhi” and sold millions of units, but he chose not to because he wanted a change.
While the album was nothing to write home about, it was solid and shows major growth in Kanye as both a rapper and a person.
Looking to the future, Kanye looks to continue in the genre of Christian rap as he is now working on a collaborative album with legendary rapper, Dr. Dre, which will be titled “Jesus is King Part II.”
It will be interesting to see how Kanye West grows as a person and a musician as he begins to rise again in his new plane of existence within the Christian rap community.