Long line for the loo

Many members of the student body have reason to need unisex bathrooms. Last year JCHS had only one unisex bathroom. The bathroom was located in the nurse’s office and a pass was needed to use it. Students had to walk all the way to the nurse’s office just to relieve themselves.
In an attempt to eliminate the struggle for these students, several more unisex restrooms were opened throughout the building during the 2019-2020 school year. These bathrooms are located on nearly every floor in JC.
Having more restrooms has made it much easier for students to use the restroom in a reasonable amount of time. These bathrooms are in place to allow transgender, gender non-binary and gender non-conforming students and faculty to use the restrooms. For some members of our school, the unisex bathroom is the only place they feel comfortable letting their guard down.
Often these restrooms are mistaken for staff-only bathrooms. While staff-only bathrooms do exist in our school, signs are located to the side of the doors indicating whether it is a staff restroom or a unisex restroom.
The unisex restroom is often locked for vast periods of the day, such as during lunch. This is because some students have taken to using the restrooms as a hideout to break school rules and skip class.
These students often do not think about the repercussions for students that can’t or won’t use the other restrooms. Some students have to go the whole day without using the restroom just because they can’t use normal restrooms due to social norms or anxieties.
Other students resort to using the restroom that matches the gender they identify with, leading to probable bullying or harassment by other students. If they were to use the restroom of their assigned sex, they could experience gender dysphoria, or cause a misunderstanding among their peers.
The use of these restrooms is very important for many of the students at JC, and by other students misusing them, it eliminates their accessibility for the students who need them.
“The bathrooms were a great idea that has helped people like me, however, the people who use these rooms for breaking rules don’t understand that other people have to use them. Taking up space and getting the places locked, keeps people like me from being able to urinate when we need,” an anonymous source stated.
In order to keep these bathrooms open for our student body, we must hold one another accountable. Misuse of these restrooms is not acceptable here at JC.