Shirts, socks, shoes, service.


JCHS’s Green Team poses with their final clothing haul after their clothing drive.

Every year there are about 10% -15% of clothing that goes to a second-hand market to be resold. The other 85% – 90% end up in landfills. This equals 21 billion pounds of textiles every year. Within 40 years these textiles will biodegrade and leave toxic remains that will permanently affect the environment and the creatures in it. Jefferson City High School’s very own Green Team has been doing something about this.

The Green Team recently held a school-wide clothing drive. The Clothing Drive is the Green Team’s plan to lower the amount of clothing waste in landfills. Rani Patel, the Project Coordinator, stated how the clothing drive came to be.

“Claire Lewis brought up the fast fashion industry at a Green Team meeting a few weeks ago and had the idea of doing a clothing drive.” 

With that, Patel also went on to state that the main goal of the drive was, “to show how important it is to donate clothes.” Continuing, Patel states how the fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world.

When asked about any restrictions on the drive, such as no shoes or undergarments, Patel rejected the idea of restrictions, simply saying, “As long as the clothes are in good condition we will take them.” 

With a project like this, one must wonder though. Where are these clothes going? 

“We originally hoped to donate the clothes to the Rape and Abuse Crisis Service center in Jefferson City, but they don’t have room for clothes so they suggested we donate it to the Salvation Army,” Patel said.

Patel stated in response to a question about her hopes for the drive,”We hope to show students and teachers how many people would love to have the clothes sitting in the  back of other people’s closets.” 

She concludes that she hopes to reach the entire community and not just JCHS in the future because donating clothes is something everyone knows they should do, but never make it a priority.

”It’s up to students to be the agent of change,” Patel wanted to say to the student body, and it is exactly right. With hopes to do another clothing drive in the future, the students are the key to making it a success in the future.