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Nichols Career Center embedded math teacher David Robuck in his classroom

Mikayla Mahaney, Freelancer

Q: What do you teach here at JCHS?
A: I teach what is called embedded math, what that means is that I teach math topics to classes that are not a math class like a welding class or building trades. We will come in and we will work on some of the math skills they will need in that profession. We get specific word problems and specific formulas that they are going to have to sit down and do at their job as they enter that field.

Q: How did you like teaching at Simonson?
A: I really liked Simonson. It was great. We had the resources of a big school district and the feeling of a small school. With only one grade there it was easier to get to know the staff quicker, and we would see all the students up on the third floor. It was nice to see everybody come through and get to know a lot of the students.

Q: How do you like teaching here?
A: This is great too. The staff at Nichols is wonderful everybody works together and is pulling in the same direction. The students are motivated because the topics of teaching apply directly to what they want to do and the job they want to have in the future.

Q: How do you like the new seven-block schedule?
A: I am actually teaching differently. Because our classes are three-hour classes my schedule is more like the traditional four-block. So I’m not on the seven-block, but I’ve taught several years on the seven-block. I think there are days where the seven-block works better and there are days where you would rather have the ninety minutes. But I did enjoy seven-block when I taught it.

Q: Why did you become a teacher?
A: I originally was a music teacher and music was a passion that I wanted to pursue and I didn’t think I could do it as a professional singer. So, I went into education, and I found that what I really liked was dealing with people and teaching people. And that morphed into a math position.

Q: Are there any disadvantages of being a teacher?
A: I don’t know how it compares to other professions since this is what I’ve done for 25 years, but I know sometimes we feel like things are coming to us all at once, and I think probably many jobs feel that way. Sometimes the students don’t always act as mature as we would like them to.

Q: Are there any advantages?
A: Yeah, you get to meet wonderful people and you get to watch people grow up and find their path. You know they are going to do great things and them coming back later and telling you all about it.