Young Life attracts students


Nina Totsikas

Young Life leaders Bryson and Caleb

Nina Totsikas, Freelancer

You may have noticed a couple of guys walking around the cafeteria on Thursdays. Their names are Brycen and Caleb, two of the local young life leaders.
Brycen is currently the Jefferson City area director and Caleb is one of the five college leaders.
When asked what Young Life is, Brycen stated “Young Life is what we call an ecumenical ministry, we reach high school kids from all religious backgrounds and denominations of Christianity. Everybody is welcomed.”

The goal of Young Life in the school is to build relationships with the students and help out in the lunchroom. For Caleb, it’s all about the friendships and getting to know the kids.

He originally got involved in his freshman year when a young life leader approached him at a football game. He later became a leader when he got into college.
CJ, a JCHS senior, states “Young Life for me is a place I can relax, hang out with all my friends and learn more about Jesus.”