Trainer to teacher


Rylie Bohanan

Coach Buschjost helping student, Alex Burkhead, with his bench press form.

Rylie Bohanan, Sports Editor

The 2019-2020 school year is full of a lot of new additions and improvements. One of them being the new strength training class and teacher. The class is led by Garrett Buschjost.
Buschjost got his undergraduate in Nutrition and Fitness, and his Master of Education in Athletic Administration at William Woods. He worked as an intern at Mizzou for three years, training their football, baseball, track and field, gymnastics, swimming, diving and softball teams.
The next two years he started working with the men’s and women’s basketball team. Also at this time, he was training William Woods athletes in the morning and worked part-time at Columbia Speed Academy at night. After about a year and a half, he was promoted to Supervisor of Columbia Speed Academy and has been doing that ever since.
His passion for training athletes, specifically high school athletes, brought him to Jefferson City High School.
“I enjoy training the high school age because that is an age where most begin to learn how to train. I saw a big difference it made for me when I was in high school,” Buschjost stated.
His belief in the high-performance model (experts staying in their area of expertise) and the idea of having a high school going towards a similar setup to college-level athletics made him eager to start working at JC.
Buschjost’s favorite part about working at JC so far is the large groups and varieties of athletes he works with every day. He also gets to watch his athletes playing in their sports, which is something that he didn’t get the privilege of doing in the past.
His main goal for his athletes is to develop them as people before athletes.
“I believe wholeheartedly that the weight room is a great breeding ground for that. What always stands to be true in the weight room is it doesn’t care who you are, if you come from money, if you are popular, if you are genetically superior, etc. the individuals who are successful in the weight room are the individuals who work the hardest and the smartest.”
His other goal is to create a system that the athletes can get a leveled individual workout that will optimize their performances.
Buschjost’s biggest tip for athletes or anyone training is: “Training/Fitness is a process and just like anything in life that you wish to excel at, it takes time. You must trust and enjoy the process and the results will come…don’t rush it.”