Player Perspective: Softball


Jaiden Allabaugh, Freelancer

The past four years of being on the softball team has given me countless memories and lessons. The teammates have been the best part of it all; no matter what happens you’re always a team and always have to have each other’s back. If one person isn’t having a good day you have eight other girls behind you to pick you up, and knowing that they’re there for you really helps a lot.
During the season we all are really close and it’s a little like having a second family, you see them every day and are always around each other, and getting to watch everyone grow throughout the season is so fun to be a part of.
Being able to have fun and laugh around everyone has been one of the best parts. Like last year when Brooke ran into the fence and Abi laughed so hard that she couldn’t even pick up the ball.
Although our season is pretty short, we make so many memories throughout it, that it seems like it is way longer. This year on our way to a game, our undercarriage came open and we didn’t realize for around 15 minutes, throughout that time Alexis lost two bats and almost her whole bag.
While I have a lot of good memories from the past four years, softball has also taught me how to work hard. Missing school a lot for softball can make it hard to stay caught up in classes so you really have to make sure you pay attention and communicate with your teachers to make sure you get everything done on time and done right. But that’s also where having teammates helps, a lot of us have classes together that we can work on and some of us take the same classes or have taken that class so you can always ask them for help with homework and assignments.
You have to learn to be flexible and how to manage your time so that you can make sure to get everything done, and also how to be coachable. Being able to take advice and then apply it is something that you use in any part of your life, and softball has given me a lot of practice at this.
My years of playing on the softball team has taught me how to be coachable, manage my time, how to work hard even when I don’t want to but most importantly how to be a good teammate, and an even better friend.