Dogs of JC: Rhapsody


Leigh Thrasher

Students depicted from left to right: Emily, Helen, Jalisa, Zoreiona, Ziere, Emma, Michelle, Charissa, Dwayne, Alex, RJ, Chris, Rhapsody and Khalil

Ms. Smith's Class, Freelancer

Q. Where does Rhapsody go for a walk at?
A. Rhapsody walks around the school in the hallways. She walks on the Blue floor and the Green Floor and the Orange Floor and the Ocean Floor (our joke for the bottom floor).
Q. What breed is Rhapsody?
A. She is a Standard Poodle.
Q. What do you do when Rhapsody is tired and doesn’t want to walk anymore?
A. We practice “Come,” “Sit,” “Stay,” and other commands. We also fill up her water & food bowls.
Q. Is Rhapsody nice or mean?
A. Rhapsody is a nice dog who loves to be petted.
Q. Where does Rhapsody live?
A. Seven miles from school in a house with her family.
Q. What does Rhapsody do during the day?
A. Rhapsody sits there and looks cute.
Q. Who does Rhapsody belong to?
A. Rhapsody belongs to her mommy, Mrs. DuBois. She also belongs to Mr. DuBois, the Head Coach of the Girls’ Soccer Team. She also belongs to JCHS students Ethan and Ada. She also belongs to an elementary student named K’Lee.
Q. Where does Rhapsody sleep?
A. Rhapsody sleeps on her comfy bed in the classroom.
Q. What does Rhapsody eat?
A. Rhapsody eats dog food.