JCHS and CCHS: A brand new rivalry


Jefferson City School District

The boundaries for the districts of Jefferson City High School and Capital City High School

Alex Kitchell, Marketing Coordinator

The 2018-2019 school year was the last year of a single Jefferson City High School. Construction of the two schools began in 2018.
The new building became home to the Capital City Cavaliers, and the old school remained home to the Jefferson City Jays. This divide is split along the same boundary lines that the middle schools use. Lewis and Clark Middle School Students go to Jefferson City High School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School Students go to Capital City High School.

This divide does not include juniors or seniors, leading to some families having kids in both schools, such as the cases of the Penserum Family and the Helming Family.
Calliope Penserum, a senior at Jefferson City High School, is separated from her younger sister Dahlia Penserum, a sophomore at Capital City High School.
“It would certainly make transportation easier and save gas money, but we’re comfortable at our schools and embracing educational progression in Jefferson City,’’ says Penserum.

The Penserum family’s morning routine is hectic and it took a while for them to adjust to their schedules. In contrast is the Helming Family.
Mrs. Helming, secretary for Jefferson City High School, has two children. Christopher, a senior at Jefferson City, and Katelynn, a freshman at Capital City. She says that she leaves early in the morning and her son drives her daughter and himself to school.
Before the time shift, her husband would drive Katelynn to school, however, due to the time change he can no longer transport her. Helming mentioned that when basketball starts her son will no longer be able to drive his sister to school.
The Helming family’s biggest concern is during sports games. Katelynn wears Capital City clothes, Christopher wears Jefferson City clothes and Mr. and Mrs. Helming wear a mix of both teams’ clothes. Meanwhile The Penserum family does not mind the separation in sports.
While the two schools have become independent groups with their own identities, teams, student bodies and staff, we still share our families and our town.