Big trouble in little Hong Kong


Umbrellas are shown as protesters rally together in Hong Kong.

Tristyn Smith, Web Editor

In recent years, turmoil has consumed Hong Kong, China. There have been many protests since the Umbrella Movement in 2014 when demonstrators filled the streets to revolt against the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress’ (NPCSC) after it proposed changes to the electoral system of Hong Kong.
Now, people have taken to the streets again to protest mainland China’s new Hong Kong extradition bill, which would allow China to extradite criminals from Hong Kong. This has left many citizens concerned because the Chinese government has been known for unfair trials and other miscarriages of justice.
The protests started out as peaceful demonstrations in March of 2019 but began to escalate in June, becoming violent. Since June, demonstrators and police have clashed many times. This has resulted in many protesters and officers being injured.
During these clashes, police commonly used tear gas, mace and rubber bullets to stop protesters.
One incident that has worked to escalate both sides occurred in early October, where a protester who was in the act of attacking an officer was shot point-blank in the shoulder with a live bullet while attacking an officer. This has only angered protesters, who have since escalated the situation with metal pipes and gasoline bombs.
The outcry continues as the demands of the demonstrators steadily increase, now including amnesty for those arrested during the protests and direct election of all lawmakers.
The people of Hong Kong likely won’t relent until the government makes policy changes. It will definitely be something to keep an eye on in the coming months.