Motor Bike Vests: New trend? Or concerning sign?


Reco Lomax was interviewed and shared his viewpoint on the topic.

Noah Holt, Art Editor

It’s the start of the 2019-2020 school year at Jefferson City High School and there are new things everywhere. There’s a new lunchroom, a new gym on its way and even a new school to rival against. One thing that raises a few eyebrows is the newest fashion trend: motorbike vests. Attention toward the vests usually being indifferent, there was concern about the vests being bulletproof.
When asked about his reaction to the vests, Principal Robert James states, “As an avid motorcycle rider, I recognized immediately as a riding vest; some of which provide protection should the rider have an accident while others simply act as a contoured backpack.”A biker vest-wearing student named Reco Lomax replied, “It’s just a fashion statement. I don’t gangbang or have any weapons. Along with everything else I wear, it’s all because I like the look.”
Though it is a simple fashion statement, there has been some confusion as some staff members and students have mistaken them for bulletproof vests. When this was brought up to Principal James, he responded with, “Individuals that are not familiar with motorcycles mistake them for body armor similar to what the military or police use. The issue with students wearing them stems from their potential to cause disruption.”
After asking around about the vests and how teachers reacted, one teacher, Charlie Ledgerwood, brought up how about two weeks into the school year, he had asked a student about the vest he was wearing. It was stated that vest was just a fashion statement and that was easily an open-shut case.
Another teacher, Shelby Kiesling, had a similar statement. “Early in the year, I did notice them and mistake them for being a bullet-proof vest. No, I did not feel they posed a distraction in my class, but I only had one student that was wearing it.”
With these vests seemingly having no real impact on the student body, it seems that worry around them died out as quickly as it appeared. The next trend may be weirder. There is no telling if it will cause the same amount of concern.