Joker Review


Warner Bros.

One of the posters for the recently released "Joker" film

Blakelee Sutton, News Editor

“Joker” is the new film based on the infamous DC Comics villain of the same name. The film sets out to be a character-defining masterpiece that analyzes the character of The Joker. Not only does the movie succeed in doing so, but it also contains incredibly relevant commentary on society’s treatment of mental health.

One of the best aspects of the film is Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Arthur Fleck/The Joker. The complex and layered performance that he gives is most definitely Oscar-worthy and floored me with every scene. Each tick, nuance and component of his performance contributed to one of the most impactful portrayals of The Joker ever. As much as I loved Heath Ledger as this character, I think this tops it as the best.

The movie also has a great cast of side characters, especially Robert De Niro’s role. Although his role was small, he gives one of his best performances in years. 

The biggest thing I appreciated about the film was its conviction to stand-alone as its own movie. It’s not concerned with connecting to a larger universe or expansive story. Its only goal is to create a great movie on its own merits, and it does that wonderfully. It’s a giant breath of fresh air in a sea of mostly mediocre and forgetful comic book movies.

Another thing to note is the cinematography and overall atmosphere of the movie. Gotham City is portrayed as dark, gothic and disgusting which perfectly sets the tone for the movie. You feel very involved in the movie’s world and that contributes to your emotional investment in the movie.

“Joker” is a movie that breaks barriers and has an actual message and theme at its heart. Not only is it an entertaining experience, but it makes its audience think about important topics as well as the implications our actions toward mental health care could have.