LGBT Existence March

Ash Stickann, Entertainment Editor

In Jefferson City, there is a large community of LGBT+youth. SAGA is a group at the Missouri Regional River Library (MRRL) that is all about creating a fun and safe environment for these young members of the LGBT community.

On June 15th of 2019, the group organized the third annual Awareness March in Jefferson City. Courtney Waters, a librarian of MRRL and director of the teen department, helped lead this event as a supervisor and advisor for SAGA. 

The route taken during this march went down Capital Street, passing the Governor’s Mansion and Garden before wrapping around the north side of the state capital. 

Everyone was chanting positive Pride chants to hype up the marchers and make people more aware of what the march was for:

“Out of the closets, into the streets!” 

“L-G-B-T-Q-I-A we will never go away!” 

Walking back up along High Street, the group passed several pedestrians and patrons of local businesses who gave thumbs-ups or applauded the strong and bold teens of the Mid-Missouri area.