The disappointing reality of the Area 51 raid



One of the "raiders" that showed up to area 51

Tristyn Smith, Web Editor

The much anticipated Area 51 raid finally occurred this past Friday. Despite the original Facebook event having more than 1,000,000 people signed up, fewer than 1,000 people actually attended the event.

The scene was largely uneventful, with the small crowd holding up signs reading “free ET” and similar statements. 

There were fewer than ten arrests related to the event, none of which were any more than a misdemeanor charge. This is in stark contrast to the worst-case scenario that many people envisioned, which would have resulted in many deaths and arrests. 

Overall, the “raid” that actually occurred wasn’t much of a raid at all, and instead a celebration of internet meme culture and how it can truly bring people together.


Sources: ABC 7 News, News 18