Jefferson City High School does not go on lockdown amid nearby gunfire


Courtesy of ABC 17

Blakelee Sutton, News Editor

This past Wednesday, gunfire was heard around the campus of Lincoln University at around 11:45 a.m.

Lincoln University Police Chief Gary Hill confirmed that at least two vehicles were hit. No person was hit, only the tires on these cars were shot.

Hill ordered for the campus to be put on lockdown following the incident, but the procedure only lasted for twenty minutes.

With JCHS just down the street, concern has arisen as to why the high school wasn’t put into lockdown along with Lincoln University.

JCHS Principal Robert James clarified lockdown procedures, saying that when “any local entity goes into lockdown in proximity to JCHS, the administration and the School Resource Officers communicate directly with the local police department to determine if there is a credible threat that exists or may exist for our campus.”

He continues, “The decision to lock down or not is influenced by various information and exchanges that contribute to the overall perceived threat.”

That being said, the incident was not classified as an immediate threat to JCHS and a lockdown wasn’t deemed necessary.