Tristyn Smith, Web Editor

BROCKHAMPTON is back with the newest addition to their discography, titled GINGER. GINGER serves as a fully thought out response to the departure of Ameer Vann from the group back in May 2018. It appears that “The World’s Greatest Boyband” has finally found its footing after the less than stellar iridescence, released in September of 2018. With some newer, more subdued music in contrast to a little bit of their old sound mixed in as well, this album is sure to impress anyone who listens to it. 


Some clear shining stars of the album are the tracks “DEARLY DEPARTED”, “VICTOR ROBERTS” and “GINGER”, each of which create a far more subdued sound than the group is known for. Each of these deal heavily with individual members’ reactions to Ameer’s departure and create a very emotional sound. “DEARLY DEPARTED” has an ending that perfectly exemplifies the raw emotion that the album displays with Dom McLennon throwing (and breaking) his headphones after rapping the most passionate verse in the entire album. 


On the other hand, “NO HALO”, “SUGAR” and “BOY BYE” are reminiscent of the SATURATION trilogy. “BOY BYE” has the same fun sound displayed in the SATURATION trilogy, while maintaining the more serious undertones of the rest of GINGER within its lyrics. 


After listening to GINGER several times through, there is absolutely nothing bad to say about it. From the lyrics to the beats, everything is masterfully executed. GINGER easily takes the spot as the album of the year so far.