School Daze Review

School Daze is a student-written play about high school stereotypes. The student actors collaboratively wrote the play, planned their character development and then performed the show. Thursday was the opening night of the show, and considering the play was student-led, it came off quite well.

The main theme of each story is the character realizing they did something bad and trying to make themselves a better person. While this is a great message to send to school-aged children, the language was vulgar in certain scenes and it seemed totally unnecessary to the plot.

The biggest issue is the lack of a fully developed arc for most of the characters. A lot of the personality changes felt forced and/or rushed.

It was a little hard to follow in the beginning because there is no main character and each scene was a different mini-story within the play.

Despite some minor errors with their lines, the actors did an amazing job throughout their performances. They made believable characters that anyone who has been to school can relate to. School Daze is a good play that perfectly demonstrates the typical high school experiences that students have. It is definitely something worth seeing.