Head to Head

Should we have a no cell phone policy? No!

Blakelee Sutton , Editor-in-Chief

The classroom environment is one that is very special. It’s a place that is designed for young minds to learn about important traits, skills and lessons that are going to help them for the rest of their lives.

It’s important that nothing distract students from their teachers and the things that they’re learning because it could prevent the full retention of what they’re being taught. This is the primary argument for the banning of the use of smart phones and other devices while in the classroom.

This reasoning makes complete sense. Modern smart phones can be a huge distraction for young people and could hurt the education that they’re being provided with in school.

That being said, there is a possibility that the newly updated policy that would be put into place for the 2019-2020 school year would prohibit phones in more than just the classroom. Allegedly, phones would not be allowed in areas like the hallways and even the lunch room.

This idea is absolutely ridiculous for many reasons. The biggest reason being that absolutely no one is harmed in the event that a random student decides to check their Twitter feed on the way to their next class. It’s merely a way to pass the time and doesn’t have any kind of negative effect on anyone.

This is especially true while in the cafeteria. A lunch period should be time for students to wind down and take a break from their classes. If that means that they need look at their phone to do things like communicate or listen to music, then they absolutely should be able to.

It makes complete sense to prevent students from using any sort of distraction while in the learning classroom because it actually does have a negative effect. The same cannot be said for areas in which diligent attention is not necessary.

So, introducing a new district-wide policy that would prohibit the use of cell phones in the classroom is absolutely justified and would most definitely have a positive effect. But even still, it should not extend beyond this point. Administrators need to take into account the reasons that they would make this policy in the first place. If it’s to protect the learning of the student body, why would it reach to a place where learning isn’t affected?