Head to Head

Should we have a no cell phone policy? Yes!

Lesley Altheuser, Staff Reporter

I think phones should be banned in school. Students should be required to turn them completely off or check them into the office before school and get them after the school day ends.

Phones distract students from learning and encourage cheating. When a student does not know the answer, he or she uses their phone to ask Google. The students then learn to rely on their electronic devices for the answers, rather than looking them up for themselves. Then the students lacks the skills to solve schoolwork and everyday problems.

When it comes to testing, students will lack the knowledge they should have learned and will either fail or cheat. Distracting devices encourage students to avoid hands-on learning and studying.

Phones access the internet for ideas, communication and cheating for answers. Phones also distract the students. Many teenagers love to text their friends and snap each other. In classrooms, students can verbally communicate with each other. However, virtual or digital communication can distract students. They focus more on their friends’ lives, instead of their class assignments. Students start testing on their phones and forget to finish typing or writing their assignments.

“They get bored and check out and go to the phones for comfort. Then they fail to follow instructions or are late in producing their work because they must receive prompts,” said one teacher in an anonymous survey.

Most research backs up what teachers are saying about cell phones in the classroom.

“Research clearly shows that they are a distraction and interfere with successful learning, and because research shows that “multitasking” is inefficient and destroys quality,” another teacher said in the anonymous survey.

Without phones, the students could excel in school. Teachers who teach regular and lower classes have said that the students that have lower grades are on their phones all the time. The students with higher grades usually either do not have a phone or they are not on their phone during class time. Without phones, students are less likely to get distracted and forget to do their school work. Without phones, students will get their work done and learn the skills they need for school-work and life.