Pet Sematary Review


Ash Stickann, Staff Reporter

Pet Semetary is the reboot of a horror classic novel by Stephen King. It’s the story of a family moving to a rural town with a dark local history. When trying to adapt, they dive deeper into the myths around the local pet cemetery.

Overall, the plot of the film from an outside perspective was very predictable. Often it seemed as if the timing of plot jumpscares were played out too long, creating less suspense in the moment.

The storyline moved from scene to scene with high suspense but was very quick-paced from the beginning. You learn very little about each character’s background, so many of the themes between the characters were hard to understand. In some scenes, such as the explanation of the “power” of the land, they brought up a myth of the Wendigo. Though this just seems to just be a wasted moment in the film when this creature is never brought up again.

The acting in this film was belieavble at times, though overall there was a consistent level of character. The mother of the film, played by Amy Seimetz, showed a very true level of fear, love and mourning throughout the film. But for a reboot, “Pet Semetary” fulfills the viewer’s satisfaction in seeing a horror film.