Shazam! Review

Shazam! Review

Blakelee Sutton, Editor-in-Chief

Shazam! is the newest installment in the DC Cinematic Universe of comic book films. Despite a rather lackluster musical score and a weak villain, “Shazam!” manages to be an incredibly enjoyable flick that celebrates the goofiness of its comic book origins.

The stand-out performance in the film is Zachary Levi as the titular character. He completely encapsulates a wacky man-child and is an absolute joy to watch on-screen.

The movie’s tone is also one of the biggest things that it has going for it. In the age of the ultra serious and joyless action movie, “Shazam!” embraces its silliness and has a true childlike wonderment at its core.

The film also has a genuine theme of family that manifests through the script. Commentary on “nature vs. nurture” and what truly makes a family is done incredibly well. Heart-warming topics such as this are rarely seen in the modern comic book movie and are a welcome addition to the movie.

The weakest link in the movie is its development of the villain. Mark Strong gives a good performance, but the character’s motivation is weak and uncompelling.