Shellie Goodin

Featured Teacher


Bryan Ibañez, Staff Reporter

Q: What interested you in joining the health field? Was nursing your first choice?
A: When I was 18, I was in college planning to be an English teacher. I had a great teacher my senior year in high school, and I loved the class. However, I couldn’t imagine being in a traditional classroom day in and day out. A neighbor of mine encouraged me to consider nursing, and the next day, I applied for a job at Jefferson City Manor Care Center. My NCC job allows me the opportunity to be in the classroom, but always with patient care in mind.

Q: What attracted you to teach at JC/Nichols?
A: I was a Dialysis nurse for several years. During that part of my career, my father-in-law was also terminally ill. These stressors made me question nursing as a career. However, when the NCC Practical Nursing Coordinator, Patty Francka RN, called with an OB Instructor Position, my love for nursing was restored. In 2001, I had the opportunity to move to the secondary program Health Science and teach students to become Certified Nursing Assistants. I love being back at the nursing homes.

Q: What’s something that discouraged you during hard times at nursing school?
A: I was an average student in school, both high school and college. I had nursing skills from working in the nursing home, but the academics were hard for me. I had to take a semester off, because I had to take a Pharmacology class over. I just never gave up. I love to share that story with students! Never give up!