Haley Swope

Featured Artist


Haley Swope

Ash Stickann, Feature's Editor

Q: When did you start enjoying art?
A: I’ve done art all my life, but only really got into it around age 13.

Q: What medium do you prefer to use?
A: Copic markers are what I use the most.

Q: What kinds of things do you do when you get artist’s block?
A: Really I just doodle and search Pinterest until something catches my eye. There’s no perfect way to get out of an art block.

Q: What kind of future are you hoping to build with these skills?
A: I’ve thought of doing some kind of illustrative contracts with some children’s book authors, but as of now it’s just a bit of a side gig for me, and I’m fine with that.

Q: Do you have any inspirations for your work?
A: There’s no major inspiration, honestly. I follow a few artists online (DrawWiffWaffles, Draw With Jazza, Emily Artful, etc). Really my own style is a mix of the kinds of art I like, but it leans towards a childish illustrative look.

Q: Have the programs and classes here at JCHS helped you develop your skills in any way to improve your artwork?
A: JCPS has offered me a lot of practical help along the way for learning new skills. Personally, though, I think that JCHS has a restrictive way of teaching that just doesn’t work for me. Everything from restricting what materials can be used for certain projects to saying you MUST have an exact sample photo for whatever you’re doing has turned me away from the classes they offer.